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historylover29 (historylover29) wrote on February 10th, 2010 at 12:04 am
Good analysis.

I loved this one. One of the best this season. I do think I liked "The End" and "Abandon All Hope" better. But, loved this.

Jensen has such wonderful chemisty with both actresses who play Mary. It's a familial chemistry, and it's beautiful to see. I really loved Dean telling Mary what she was like as a mother. The tomato-stars soup when he was sick, the "Hey Jude" lullaby (which made me very happy being a huge Beatles fan!)

By the way, did you notice the wings on that hood Anna fell on? That was pretty sweet.

I hate Anna. I have since she was revealed to be an angel. The reasons for her fall were idiotic,and after that, I never liked her. So, eh.

But, I loved Michael. Although I'm wondering how Team Free Will can possibly when. I really hope it does, though.

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