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Woman and Cat
chatchien (chatchien) wrote on February 9th, 2010 at 11:54 pm
I've been dealing with the East Coast Snowmageddon.

Two feet of snow and another foot due in the next two days where I am.

I just found your LJ Blog about 2 months ago and I have enjoyed reading it and your views.

"Anna reappeared in 1978, collapsing onto the hood of a Pontiac Firebird parked in an alley with two young people kissing inside."

Actually, I think that they were passing a toke between them.

"Sam forgiving John is a major step beyond simply understanding him"

It also diminishes some of Sam's Anger that is so appealing to Lucifer.

"I’m firmly in the camp of Team Free Will."

I am too, although I do find Michael persuasive (or pretty, either one). That is why I found it so interesting that Team Free Will was so intent on denying Mary her right to Free Will and Choice. If Dean and Sam get to make their choices, then Mary (and John) do too. Michael was the only to respect Mary's Free Will for all his arguments against it. For all of Dean's advocacy of Free Will, he didn't want his mother to exercise hers. She wanted John and she wanted Dean.

As for the immutability of the Past, I don't know what to think. I have begun to second guess everything that Castiel says. He has lied to Dean before and I don't think that he has stopped lying to him. All I can say is that the Past consists of Mary's choices and no one but Mary can change those and she showed no inclination to do that.

I will say this, if this was Michael's plan to find Dean and talk to him, Michael is a subtle archangel (compare him to Gabriel) and he has a Lucky General's sense of when to strike and go on the offensive. And the ArchAngels are an interesting lot. Raphael is sure that God is Dead. Gabriel is sure that God is absent. Only Lucifer and Michael seem to act as though God is very much present and within their contact.

And I think that Anna was a member of Team Free Will. From her first appearance, she looked at what was around her and made her own decisions. And she always wanted the best for humanity and the planet. Like Ellen and Jo, she died (or did she? I'm not sure.) attempting to stop the Apocalypse. I've begun to think that the women on this show, are the most active and paying the highest cost in preventing Armegedon.
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